On you can choose different payment methods:
ADVANCE BY BANK TRANSFER - shipping in this case will be made only after payment has been received. The transfer is generally notified to the account in 3/5 working days.
ADVANCE WITH POSTEPAY RECHARGE - you can top up Postepay at any post office, even if you do not have a Postepay Card. The cost of the operation at the counter is € 1.00. If you have a Postepay Card, you can do it online at
THROUGH PAYPAL - Paypal is the fastest and most secure payment method, which allows you to pay directly online, thus speeding up the delivery of your order.

Paypal accepts Carta Si, Mastercard, Visa, Eurocard, PostePay.

If you have a PayPal account, you can make the payment quickly and safely, without having to enter your credit card information every time. With the use of PayPal your bank information will never be shared with the seller.

Paypal is:

Quick - Sending money with PayPal is fast: the recipient receives the payment immediately and your item is ready to be sent immediately.
Reliable and secure - For PayPal, your privacy is top priority. Your financial information is safe because it is not shown to the seller.
Innovative - With PayPal you pay in just a few clicks and without having to re-enter your credit card or debit card information with every purchase.

For more information on how Paypal works, click on the following link:

How does Paypal work?